Success Stories

These are just some of the testimonies from our students aged 40+ to 80+!

Hans Sahlen

 “I have achieved more than I ever expected or dreamed in such a short time. I love the ease which allows total access to the keyboard — wow! It’s really great to PLAY the piano!” — Hans Sahlen 54, Manager

Thank you so much! Your terrific teaching innovation has given me the ability to play with both hands with a sound that is rich and satisfying. I now have a “toolbox” of tricks and embellishments that make my playing sound advanced.

Peter Stirton, Analyst

I have sight read music for years but never made the effort to learn the chords. At the age of 75, I decided to stop procrastinating and make the effort. Paul’s course is very concise and well laid out for fast progress. I recommend it to everyone who wants to learn to play.

– Harold “Pudge” Allen, Retired

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the gift of music you have given me. Playing the piano was on my bucket list. You have now made it a reality!

Trevor Labon, Retired

Your program is so well thought out and explained perfectly. Sometimes it is difficult to fit in as much practice time as I would like but as you said, only five to ten minutes daily works! I enthusiastically recommend this to any adult learner.

Donna Burgar, Retired

I was a total beginner but you have enabled me to play with confidence. Your techniques are concise and well organized. I highly recommend this to anyone wishing to learn piano!

Harish Parmar, IT

After all these years of just dusting my piano, I now sit down and play a few songs, and then dust the piano hahaha. I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and proud that I can now play!

Lesley Noble, Bulldog Fancier

Thank you for finally giving me the gift of music! I have tried learning piano several times over the past 30 years but was always frustrated with having to start out with songs like Mary Had a Little Lamb. Your system had me playing enjoyable songs that sounded rich and full right from the start. It is so nice to find a piano at a friend’s house or at church and be able to sit down and just play.

Gordon Hopkins, Consultant

I had a lifelong dream to play the piano and now it is happening! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Rona Morin, Retired

The techniques taught in your program have been a great help to me in advancing my piano playing skills. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to learn the piano or improve their skills.

Toni Starko, Retired

Please accept my heartiest thanks for teaching me your piano technique, The Amazing Chord Power System! I studied piano years ago but always remained at the beginning level. I just could not learn well. So I prayed to the Lord and He answered my prayer. I received my blessing by learning to play with your method. In such a short time I now enjoy playing with confidence and actually sound like a pianist. When my husband sings, I can now play the accompaniment! Each time I play, my heart is filled with joy and I give thanks to God for this accomplishment. Then I want to say to you, THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS!

Irene Chan, Housewife

This truly is an AMAZING SYSTEM. I am very grateful for the opportunity to realize my dream of playing the piano. I think your approach is FANTASTIC! Thank you Paul.

Valerie Kendall, Psychologist

Whenever I play, my husband says it is so delightful to listen to the music!

Alice Garvik, Homemaker

This is truly amazing! I am enjoying the piano so much more than ever before. Learning The Shape® and then the systematic approach to learning the rest of the chords has been fun and not even that difficult. Wishing you continued success on your musical journey of bringing joy to many.

Inga Madill, Edmonton, Retired

I had never taken music lessons (before) of any kind. I just turned 53 years of age and all I (previously) knew was there was a note somewhere called ‘middle C’. I strongly recommend this course to anyone who has ever said ‘I wish I could play the piano but I guess I will never learn.’ My wife who is a musician says this is ‘remarkable’ and ‘amazing’!

Philip E. Carr, Attorney, Calgary

I already sound as though I know what I am doing on a piano – after just nine days and daily practice, (5–10 minutes) amazing for a total beginner!

Judy Loretan, Banff, Self-Employed