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Our hotel meeting rooms are booked months in advance and we really appreciate you letting us know you are coming. This allows us to arrange the seating for the best possible workshop atmosphere for our participants.

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You may also register by calling (toll free):

 1 (844) 279-PLAY (7529) or 1 (877) 5CHORDS (524-6737)

  Mon to Fri 9AM to 5PM PT

Please note that registrations are only permitted for upcoming workshops in your area. Paul is presently on a one-time five year tour across North America, and will not likely visit the same city twice. Don’t miss out: Register today!

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Please remember that this is a workshop only for adults. No minors please.

For your registration you will receive as priority first seating for the workshop (provided you are not late of course. Recommended arrival time is 20 minutes before start). We close the doors at the start and do not admit any latecomers for any reason.


You are advised to arrive at least 20 minutes before session start. Please read your invitation/advertisement carefully. Only after you have personally signed in at the registration table will you be an Official Participant in this amazing event conducted personally by Paul Neill, the creator of the Amazing Chord Power System®. To comply with social distancing measures, all participants must wear face masks, and temperature checks will be administered at the door. See you there!